This page is about Eber’s possible folks

Eber Blakeslee/Blakesley is listed as “Jr” in wife Sarah Ward’s family history book. This would indicate that his father’s name was Eber.
There is no documented proof that the following people are Eber Jr’s ancestors.. The dates & place Connecticut [CT] indicate a strong possibility that they are.
The following information is from web sites Findagrave.com, FamilySearch.org & Decedents of  Thomas Blakesley.
Eber Blakeslee/Blakesley [Sr] born in New Haven CT July 21, 1739. He is probably Eber Jr’s father as he was age 22 when Jr. was born in New London CT Oct. 1, 1761.
The Columbia Register newspaper of New Haven dated Feb. 7, 1815 states that the estate of Eber Blakeslee of Cheshire is to be settled. Clarissa Blakeslee is to receive any debits owed to his estate. This indicates that he died 1813/1815, Clarissa was his wife & possibly Jr’s mother.
Jonathan Blakesley born in New Haven CT Sept. 1713 - died 1791. Married 1st wife Dolithea [Dorothy] Mary Bailey in New Haven March 21, 1733. She was born in Wallingford CT in 1717 - died Aug. 7, 1759. Jonathan & Dorothy had 9 or 11 children. Eber [Sr] above was number 3.
John married 2nd wife Martha Ives Nov. 15, 1759 just 3 months after Dorothy died. Quick remarriage probably because John had 6 children age 15 & under with the youngest age 3. 
Martha born Aug. 10, 1716 - died ?
Ebenezer Blakesley [#2] was born in New Haven CT Feb. 4, 1685 or 1686 - died in New Haven Aug. 13 1761. Married Mary Ford in New Haven Dec. 5, 1706. Mary born in New Haven Aug. 9, 1684 - died in New Haven Aug. 13, 1760. They had 8 or 9 children. Jonathan above was number 4.
Ebenezer Blakesley [#1] was born in Guilford CT July 17, 1664 - died in New Haven Sept. 24, 1735. Married Hanna Lupton in New Haven July 17, 1680. Hanna born in New Haven May 27, 1665 - died in Waterbury CT July 23, 1749. He was 16, she was 15 when they married ! They 10 or 11 children. Ebenezer [#2] above was number 2 along with twin sister Hanna. Ebenezer [#1] & Hanna Lupton are buried in Waterbury’s Old Pine Cemetery.
Samuel Blakesley was born in Great Chishill, Essexshire, England June 30, 1599 - died in Guiford CT May 17, 1672. Married Hanna Potter in New Haven Dec. 3, 1650. Hannah was born in Cheshman Parish, Buckinghamshire, England in 1633 - died in New Haven Nov. 7,
 1732. He was 51 & she was 17 when they married ! Sam & Hanna had 11 children. Ebenezer [# 1] above was number 8.
Hanna married Henry Brooks 4 years after Sam died. 
Sam & brother John emigrated from England to America about 1636. They brought with them an anvil, a vise & other tools of the blacksmith trade. They came on the ship “Hopwell” landing at Boston Neck.where they bought land. Later they moved to New Haven. John moved on to western CT while Sam bought land near Guilford CT & became a planter. He also continued his blacksmith trade. When he died he left an estate valued at 234pounds, 14 shillings & 9 pence.
For more information book titled “ Samuel Blakesley of New Haven  CT and his Descendants ”by James Shepard, 1902.
Thomas Blakesley [#2] was born in Buntingford, Essexshire, England in 1560 - died Jan. 16, 1626. Married Jane Walleys in Great Chesterford, Essexshire Dec. 30, 1587. She was born in Great Chishill, Essexshire Dec. 30, 1567 - died in Great Chishill Dec. 9, 1626.
Tom & Jane had 10 children. Samuel above was number 6.
Thomas Blakesley [#1] was born in Buntingford, Essexshire, England about 1530 - died March 22, 1571.  Married Joan Hughs in Aspenden, Hertfordshire Feb. 5, 1560. She was born in Aspenden about 1541 - died  Dec. 6, 1626.
Tom & Joan had 6 children. Thomas [#2] above was number 5.

The map above shows the birthplace [New Haven] of Eber Sr., Jonathan & Ebenezer #2. Also shows the birthplace [Guilford] of Ebenezer #1.  Eber Jr. was born in nearby New London.

The map above sows the birthplace [Great Chishill, England] of Samuel. At his birth the village was in Essexshire now in Cambridgeshire about 60 miles north of London.

The map above shows the birthplace [Buntingford, England] of Thomas #1 & #2. At the time of their birth the village was in Essexshire now in Hertfordshire about 35 miles north of London.

Sylvanus Blakesley born in England 1510. Died 1570. ~Wife Elizabeth last name unknown, date of marriage unknown. She was born 1515, died 1543. Parents of Thomas [#1].